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Quakers have been committed to active peacemaking since their inception, in the mid-1600’s. Our understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ leads us to work for peace and to address the causes of violence. This is not a passive response to uncomfortable situations, but an active response that often moves us out of our comfort zone. We offer this information as a challenge to action and obedience.

This section is dedicated to exploring pro-active ways to respond to violence and injustice. It is intended as a resource, offering far more than any one person or community could ever undertake on their own. But hopefully it will prompt action and provide information.

* 9/11 Response Letter
* Conscientious Objection
* Foundations of Peace
* Peace Month includes curriculum
* Peacemaking Queries
* Peacemaking Resources
* Simplicity – Addressing Root Causes of Violence
* What Can I Do?

Many of the links enclosed are not related to Christ-centered Friends, and therefore may or may not correspond to our own theology or practice. But they offer good information and require you, as the browser, to question, and struggle, and discern Truth and God’s Call. In other words, be prepared to sift and use the wisdom of scripture, your faith community, and God’s voice.

May Christ lead us further into Truth and the peaceable kingdom which he desires.

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