Peace Testimony - special issue Jul 08 Friends' Journal

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The American // table of contents:
7 The Declaration of 1660 By Paul Buckley
Though this document is famous, many Friends today haven't read it. Its contents are surprising.
9 What is a Peace Church? By Tom Ewell
Being a peace church is more than an issue of identity. What can Friends do to live up to the term?
10 Understanding Pacifism: Reconciling Religion with Philosophy By Harriet Hart
Understanding the meaning of pacifism can be a struggle - even for someone who was raised as a Friend.
11 Conflict in the Life of Our Meeting: Friends Peace Testimony at Work? By Arlene Kelly
Taking action for peace in the world is one thing, but conflicts right at home pose a different challenge.
14 How I Became a Pacifist: An Interview with Lee Thomas By Susan Corson-Finnerty
The pain and horror of war sent one man on a spiritual and philosophical journey.
18 A Testimony on the Effects of Combat, from a United States Army Officer By David Gosling
What were the moral costs of war to this soldier while serving in Iraq?
20 The Peace Testimony and Armed Forces Emergency Services By Sta'sa Morgan-Appel
Sometimes, following Quaker beliefs can lead to unusual choices.
22 Bringing the Peace Testimony to Washington By Maureen Brookes and Jim Cason
Now is an excellent time to advocate for lower military spending.
24 A Modest Step towards Peace and Union By Malcolm Bell
It is important to address how U.S. culture is immersed in violence - even in our songs.
26 The Quaker Coalition for a Department of Peace By Anne Creter
Imagine governments all over the world with Departments of Peace. We could make this a reality.
28 Restorative Practices as Practical Peacemaking By Bette Rainbow Hoover
Can anything help defuse conflict in the Middle East? Restorative Justice could be a step forward.
30 Building Peace at Crossroads Springs By Alison Hyde
Orphans in Kenya have the tools to build a brighter future, thanks to Orchard Park (N.Y.) Meeting.
32 The Gift of the House of the Peaceable Kin-dom By Tai Amri Spann-Wilson
His experience working with refugees on the Mexican border, and the influence of Jim Corbett, speak to him about what Quakers are called to do with their meetinghouses.
34 Teaching Peace - Making Peacemakers By Tom Dwyer
Peacemaking activities among young adults can help prevent tragedy.
36 Removing the Pressure for War By Faith Morgan
To address the causes of future wars, we need to look at the politics of energy.
39 The Responsibility to Protect: Quakers and Genocide By Jack T. Patterson
Can Friends still oppose military action when genocide occurs?

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