Global Peace Chats

Peter Newton, a Baha'i based in Quito, Ecuador, writes:

I have a site Culture of Peace Program devoted to de-mything the notion that human beings are inherently selfish and aggressive by nature, and therefore unable to build a world of peace, unity, justice and cooperation. Feel free to use any of the Articles that you feel might be useful in this Wiki or any other media.

Along with other like-minded friends in that virtual world, I am also developing an institute for a culture of peace in Second Life, in a cozy meeting room by the beach at “Book Island”. Since mid-2012 we have held well-attended, twice-weekly Global Peace Chats there, using materials we have developed, and have installed a Peace Garden and Institute on nearby Xanthe Island, where we have put up educational displays on a Culture of Peace and hold occasional discussions.

For further information contact Peter.

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