FWCC Triennial 2007 minute on the environment and sustainability

FWCC Triennial Minute, August 2007, Dublin
On Environment and Sustainability

We believe that it is vital to address the threat to life on Earth posed by environmental destruction.

We believe that we have a duty of responsible stewardship for all of God's creation, although we recognize that we do not always achieve it fully. When we damage the natural world and its creatures, we damage God's creation. Reverence for human life cannot be separated from maintaining the integrity and health of the ecology of our planet.

Competition for land, water and other precious resources is leading to wars and ecological disasters. Overuse and misuse of resources is not sustainable.

We call upon all the peoples and governments of the world to recognise the equal worth of all people, the integral worth of the natural world and to work together for the common good of all the earth community.

With God's help, we resolve to examine our lives in light of the needs of the whole Earth and cooperate in taking steps towards sustainable living for all.

In March 2009 pursuant to this minute, FWCC approved a world consultation on Global Change. See QEWnet.ning.com Forum thread Resources list for earthcare for news updates, planned meetings and study materials.

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